FAT FREEZE (cryolipolisis)

Fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than other skin or tissue cells. This means that the temperature of a target area can be lowered enough to safely kill off fat cells whilst leaving the other cells unharmed. This is the most powerful fat diminishing treatment, with only 1-2 sessions normally needed. Up to 66% of fat cells in the chosen area can be destroyed per treatment. This treatment is easier to maintain than the other treatments as the fat cells are killed off rather than emptied. 

Pain free, no down time and 30 minutes per area.

1 Area (upper or lower abdomen, chin)  £79

2 Areas (upper and lower abdomen, hips, thighs, arms) £120

CAVITATION & radio frequency 

Ultrasonic and Radio Frequency technologies are combined to empty fat cells and tighten skin, all in the form of a relaxing massage. This has the most instant results, with changes seen directly after treatment. However, unlike the fat freezing, the fat cells are not destroyed so if you are not careful they can be re-filled again. This treatment is recommended if you have loose skin as well as stubborn fat. 3 sessions or more are usually recommended.

Chose to treat anywhere on the body with "pinchable" fat. Including abdomen, thighs, arms/bingo wings, back and hips. Excluding face.

Per session £35