traditional Swedish massage

Tailor made to suit you, this hands on massage can range from deeply relaxing to working out sore muscles. Aromatherapy used.

30 minutes (Back, Neck & Shoulder) | £25

60 minutes (Full Body) | £40


An ancient method of healing, this incredible massage uses pressure points on the feet to repair and balance corresponding parts of the body. Deeply soothing and relaxing. Aromatherapy used.

45 minutes | £35

BODY GLOW exfoliation

Full body exfoliation with a creamy, whipped body scrub. The scrub is removed with hot mitts and then a rich body butter is applied over the skin. Perfect treatment for drenching dry, dull skin with nourishment.

60 minutes | £60


This treatment is absolutely incredible for treating dry skin, as the compresses offer a mild exfoliation while the pure coconut oils drench the skin in hydration. The steamed compresses are pressed and massaged all over the body and combined with Swedish techniques to relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for a break from stressful life.

60 minutes | £55


Heated stones made of pure Himalayan pink salt are glided all over the body to deeply relax and purify. If you like hot stone massages, then this is the treatment for you. This extremely beneficial massage reduces joint and muscular pain, melts away stress and increases your energy.

60 minutes | £55