My Hacks To Flawless Makeup

No, you don’t need all the expensive products!

Hello again! Welcome to week 4 of my blog (I should really have come up with a name at this point, but my brain is just mush recently). Todays topic will be all about makeup- mainly my own personal advice on how to make the most of the products you already have!

I was inspired by this topic after washing my makeup brushes for the first time in god knows how long (whoops) and I was thinking about how much I miss doing my face every day. Who else has gotten lazy with makeup ever since lockdown began? Honestly, I have gone for weeks without even doing my eyebrows- and anyone who knows me knows that this is not normal.

I love makeup. Give me a pen and paper, and I’m not artistic at all. But when it comes to creams and eyeshadows and lipsticks and powders, I am literally the most creative person. So, keep reading and I’ll give you a few of my favourite tips for getting that flawless look. Let me be clear- the following steps are NOT a routine. While I think it’s great that some people follow a routine, I think that applying makeup is a chance to wing it and be creative as possible! So, for now I will not be publishing my personal routine because it literally changes every single day. Instead, what follows are a few of my tips on how to make the most of the makeup you already have!


Unsurprisingly, skincare is the very first step to a great makeup application. There’s nothing worse than that makeup applied straight onto a slick, shiny forehead. I will go into more detail about a great skin care regimen in another post but, in a nutshell, your skin should be clean and moisturised before applying any makeup.


Primer!! Singlehandedly the most important aspect to a makeup routine, and a lot of people miss this step! For those who don’t know, a primer is sandwiched between moisturiser and foundation to create a barrier and help the makeup stick better to the skin. It also makes makeup last a lot longer and you can get different primers for different skin types. The one I use is for smoothing over pores and brightening the skin. If I’m going for a super natural look, then I will literally just use primer and no foundation. Also- get an eye primer! If you wear eyeshadow or eyeliner, priming your eyes to start with will help the makeup last all day, and will also help any colours pop.

Foundation- Brush? Sponge? Fingers?!

I might be more biased on this point, as I am definitely a brush person, however there are benefits to using brushes, sponges and yes, even your fingers. So, there’s a TON of different brushes, and I am not an expert in this area. As in, I don’t walk into a makeup shop and ask for a “number 52 medium velocity with extra fine bristles” or whatever. (Yes I just made that up). However, if you want to go for a flawless matte look, my preference is to use a stippling brush with any liquid foundation. You literally dab it all over your face, as oppose to a normal foundation bush where you use more of a swiping motion, and it gives amazing coverage with no harsh lines.

Sponges are another great way to get the full coverage, but these give you more of a dewy finish, which is super popular at the moment. Make sure the sponge is wet first of all, and you will want to dab it across the face, not wipe.

Using fingers for applying foundation is not really the best way, however it is the cleanest (assuming you wash your hands). Makeup brushes and sponges should be regularly cleaned to avoid spreading bacteria across the face. This is why using fingers to apply makeup can be beneficial if you do suffer with a lot of breakouts! Just use a very light pressure and be sure to blend away any harsh lines which will come with this method.

Eyeshadow- Cut Crease

Ok, to make your eyes really pop, you should apply a darker eye shadow into the crease and highlight the inner corner of your eye. BUT when you are applying those darker, harsh colours, it is so important to build it up. Meaning, start with a lighter colour applied all over the crease, then top it up with a medium colour. Then, apply a third, darker colour but only from the outer corner, and then blend it inwards following the crease. You will find that by using the lighter colours as a base, the eyeshadow will blend so much better and more evenly too! Don’t forget that pop of highlight on the inner corners to make your eyes sparkle! And, as I mentioned earlier- prime your eyes first! Even if its just with concealer.


Ok, so my biggest hate in makeup is when I find a lip colour which looks amazing, but then after like an hour my lips are all chapped and the colour just peels off (gross). However, there are a couple of things you can do to make your lipstick/gloss/tint/whatever last all day. First, scrub your lips. You can use a facial exfoliator, but I’m telling you now they do not taste nice. A great DIY lip scrub is literally a spoonful of coconut oil mixed with a spoonful of sugar, and then just scrub away. By scrubbing your lips, you might even notice that they look a bit plumper as well. Then, right before you apply any colour, put on some lip balm. Anything vaseline is my favourite. So, if you’re going for a matte lip colour, apply the lip balm but then lightly dab it with a tissue, to stop any shine. If you’re going for a shiny colour, lip balm will most likely help with the shine anyway! Once you have applied the colour of your choice, dab at it with a tissue lightly, and then apply a second coat on top. Thank me later.


Like priming, setting is a key step to any makeup application. It will essentially seal in the products and help make the makeup last for much longer. But what can you use to set your makeup? Basically, if you want a really matte finish, use a translucent powder all over the face and just lightly buff it in with a nice, big fluffy brush. If you want a dewy finish, use a spray- 2 or 3 spritz’s (is that a word?) to cover the entire face, and from a distance. I also like to fan my face until the spritz dries, too.

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on and on about makeup, but I’m trying to not make these posts too long. Perhaps next week I’ll do a video demonstration of my favourite makeup style? It is my birthday week, so maybe I can do some party makeup? Let me know if this is a good idea!


Make sure you remove makeup at the end of each day. A double cleanse is ideal. Face wipes are not. Personally, I use micellar water to remove the majority, and then a cleansing balm to melt away anything left. And then, of course, follow with tone, treat(s) and moisturiser…

Ok, that’s it from me! I really enjoyed this weeks post, in case you couldn’t tell! I had a post all about suncream and protecting your skin from the sun ready, but then then weather went bad and I had to think of something else! Anyway, I hope you all have a great week and I’ll be back next Friday!

Much love,

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